Elemenity L0 Setup Guide

Just received a new L0 gaming console? In this guide we walk through setting up the device for the first time.

You will need:

Adding files (and games) to your device

Adding new games to your new device is simple. The Micro SD card reader will allow you to copy files on your computer to the device.

Make sure the device is powered down, then remove the Micro SD card from your console. Then install the Micro SD card into your Micro SD card reader, and plug the reader into your computer.

Your computer should show you the DATA folder. Inside this folder is a games folder. Files placed in this folder will be visible later on your device.

Adding platform support

After you copy over the game, you need to ensure your device can play it. The Elemenity system is highly extensible, but due to licencing issues this support cannot be included. However it is very easy to add yourself.

Several game types have instructions over on the guides page.

If you are trying to play a backup of a game you own via an emulator, you will want to install an appropriate Retroarch core. We have a guide for that here

We also have a guide for playing PICO-8 games.

Rather than repeat those guides here, follow one of those links then come back to this guide.

Finishing up and hooking up the device.

Now that all your files are copied to the Micro SD card, its time to wrap up then hook up your device. Eject / unmount the card, then remove it from the device. It is important to eject to ensure that all files have been fully written, before physically removing it.

Remove the card from the reader, and plug it into your device. The logo on the card should face up.

Final device hookup

Almost there! Just a few more things to plug in and you’ll be ready to game.

Plug your controller into the USB slot on the front of the device. Plug in the HDMI cable to the back of the device. Ensure it is fully inserted, as a partially inserted plug may allow some video but fail at higher resolutions. Plug the other end into your TV or display.

Finally plug in the USB-C power cable provided with the device. With your display switched to the appropriate input setting, you should see your device starting up.

Playing your games

Once fully booted, you’ll see the Elemenity launcher. From here, you’ll have quick-access to your most recently played game, as well as a file browser for selecting other games on your device. If all the setup went well, you should just be able to select a game with your dpad, then pressing the primary button (A on XBox or X on PS) should start your game!

Happy gaming! If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out on Discord, or send us an email.

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