Doom and Doom Mods Setup

In this guide we show how to play Doom and any of the popular mods created on the Doom engine, using your Elemenity OS device.

Chocolate Doom

The original Doom was created for Intel based PC’s in the 1990s. To support modern hardware, an open source project, Chocolate Doom, reimplements the core engine in a portable way. This allows it to run on a variety of devices.

Chocolate Doom strives to accurately represent the original 1990’s experience, so Doom and any of your custom WADs will play like they should.

In this guide we’ll set up Chocolate Doom to play the freeware release of Doom 1, and also to run any custom WADs you place on your system. A WAD is a file which contains all assets and code for a custom Doom based game.

Some other popular games based on the Doom engine include:

Getting Chocolate Doom

While the Chocolate Doom project does not provide precompiled executables, the source code is freely available. We have compiled chocolate doom for Elemenity OS based devices, which you can download below.

Chocolate Doom is licensed under the GPLv2 licence. This means anyone distributing the code or derivatives must also provide the source code, along with this license.

(If you dont care about this, feel free to skip ahead to the downloads)

We havent made any modifications, and provide both the prebuilt binary and the source code we built below. If you just want to play, download the binaries.

Installing Chocolate Doom

Copy the binaries zip to your handlers folder, then extract it there. If its your first time doing this, take a look at the Adding Files section of our new user guide.

You should see three new files in your handlers folder:

  • chocolate-doom
  • chocolate-setup
  • wad

Chocolate-setup is used to configure the game, including controls. If you’re going to use mouse + keyboard to play, it should work out of the box. If you want to use a controller, however, you’ll need to run this program. The configuration program itself expects a mouse and keyboard, so you will need to plug in a keyboard to navigate the menus.

With all that complete, you’re now ready to run Doom and Doom based games on your device. When you select a .wad file through the files browser, the game will launch automatically through chocolate-doom.

If you already own a DOOM engine game, just copy the wad files to your games folder. Otherwise, you can grab the shareware version of Doom 1 from DoomWorld.

You will want to rename it from DOOM1.WAD to DOOM1.wad (lowercase the extension).

Happy gaming!

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