Elemenity OS Update - Version 1.1

We’ve just released a new version of our operating system for retro gaming on single board computers.

Our previous launcher was based on web technologies, making it highly customizable for those familiar with html + css. The downside was that it didnt run great on older devices like the Raspberry pi 3B.

Our new launcher ditches the web browser in order to bring improved performance. On the slowest machine we’ve tested, the Pi 3B, it still achieves 60 FPS. And it uses less space, so there’s more space available for your games.

The new launcher is also easier to customize. All the key UI elements are controlled by images on the sd card. You can just swap these out to make your own themes.

Like before, the OS is available either as a digital download, or preprogrammed on a high speed SanDisk 16GB Micro SD card.

Check it out! Elemenity OS Details

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