Elemenity OS

Elemenity OS is the operating system used on all Elemenity devices. Bundled with Retroarch, it allows you to easily play backups of your favorite old games on your TV.

Controller Support

Elemenity OS supports your favorite controllers:

  • Microsoft XBox360™ Wired controller
  • Sony PS4™ Wireless controller (while wired)

Device Support

Elemenity OS comes preinstalled on our own devices, but it also supports the following popular devices:

  • Raspberry Pi™ Versions 4, CM4, 3B+

Buy and start gaming!

Elemenity OS is available as a digital download, or preinstalled on a 16GB Micro SD™ card.

Preinstalled on 16GB MicroSD card:

Digital Download:

Open source software downloads

Elemenity OS Builds on several open source software packages. We provide the sources to you in order to comply with these licenses.

Our custom software is not open source, and is not included in these downloads. These downloads are for developers that wish to modify the open source software included in Elemenity OS.

The compressed source archive is 3.35G

Download via Google Drive

Sources checksum (sha256): b5b69889c8467958b8cb6e9dae811bc9991a9d986bc6a1b393670eaecb8c1338