The Idea

We’re fans of retro gaming. Software emulators have made it to replay our old favorites even after the original hardware has stopped working.

A few companies have started making dedicated handheld devices for emulating these old consoles. This essentially bundles an emulator, a screen, and a controller into one portable device.

This is made possible thanks to technology advances which were driven by smartphones.

However, as with smartphones, the core technology is still advancing much faster than the lower tech components like the controller and the display. If you want to keep up with the latest performance improvements, you would need to buy a new device every few months.

We’re building a modular platform for retro gaming. With our device, you will have the opportunity to swap in a faster compute module (like a cpu) in the future. And you will be able repurpose or sell your old compute module, since it is useful as a general purpose computer when provided with a different enclosure.

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