A modular video game console

We started out with the goal of making an upgradeable gaming handheld. We didn’t like the trend of needing to throw out mostly good hardware just to upgrade the new components that started feeling obsolete.

A first prototype of this handheld was a little device that you could plug into a tv, and use an external controller. Just like the handheld, you’d be able to replace the core in the future, reusing all the pieces that still work well.

We had so much fun playing on this prototype we’ve decided to develop a full device in this form factor. We’re calling it the [L0]({{ ref “products/l0” >}}), and you can read more about it there.

The L0 will be compatible with L1 cores. This means you can reuse a core to save money. Or, when you upgrade your main device, you can still find a use for the old core in another device.

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