Switching to a horizontal layout

We’ve decided to swap to a horizontal layout for our handheld console. The vertical layout we shared previously paid homage to a classic, and fit well with our intention to make a handheld for retro gaming.

We want to support a large variety of games with this console. One complication is that many newer games rely on shoulder buttons which were not originally present on vertical handhelds.

Some other vertical handhelds put these triggers on the back. We tried a few to see how it felt. We didn’t like the way our fingers crowded when trying to hit these back buttons.

So instead, we’re going to build our handheld into a horizontal layout. This should be more comfortable while supporting these additional controls. Here’s a sneak peak of an early cad rendering, though we still have a lot to add.

You can join the waitlist here.

horizontal handheld rendering

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